Why us?

Founded in 2004 under another name, In October 2010 we upgrade our servers and services also, and we change our company name to be NewHosters, we have an stable structure for web hosting, design, development and graphic design also.

Our services have been recognized internationally through providing a real services for our clients allover the world and independent end users.

Guarantee of Excellence and Realistic Plans

Some hosting company offers unrealistically large and practically impossible hosting plans to attract more customers. They hope the customers won’t try to use the resources promised and will even impose usage restrictions on the customers such as limiting the number of page hits, or limiting the number of files that can be added to the site, or may be restricting use of media files or some other tricks to limit disk usage to keep the servers up and running.

We never offer a hosting plan that we can not support, our servers are always fully equipped to handle our customers’ current and future needs. Our Terms of Service agreement is specifically written to protect our customers, not to limit their choices.

Our Motto

We believe that all hosting clients looking for one need to receive quality, user-friendly hosting and responsive support, at an affordable rate. From 2004 our priority is to maximize quality, while maintaining an aggressive, competitive pricing structure with flexible configurations.

We know the difference between cheap prices and cheap hosting, and we look for guarantee world class services for our clients at competitive price.

You Deserve the Flexibility

We choose to rent our servers instead of purchasing it, some companies like to have their own servers, they face many problems like huge cost, administration overhead, security and much more problems. we select to do all  this effort instead of you, doing this make you relax and save your time and money also.

we always upgrade to newer technologies as they become available. Recently, we upgraded our entire servers to the latest and strongest hardware. We are able to pass this flexibility onto our customers, who are free to instantly upgrade or downgrade as their needs change.

We will send you news and offers twice a month.