Anti-Counterfeit Labels

Anti-Counterfeit labels and packaging are key to brand protection, security hologram stamping label is a new technology which combined 3D hologram and adhesive label. It is also an innovative printing process besides hologram stamping technology and CMKY printing technology.

Combining the advantages of the both which enriches the diversity of the label technology, making the label surface more exquisite and more security. Also in environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting, the effect of diversification has been greatly improved.

This is adhesive anti-counterfeiting sticker , the sticker with scratch area , and there is digital number under this scratch layer , can make different QR CODE, BAR CODE, SERIAL  NUMBER  on each sticker ,

Not only the sticker’s size, color, design is can be customized but also including the quality. The sticker is can be waterproof, and easy broken when remove the sticker from products, our technical department can according your special quality requirement to adjust our production to Meet your quality requirement.